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Dear valued guests,

We are happy to announce that the official opening date of Cactus Hotel is July 26th. With a feeling of great responsibility and excitement we are ready to welcome you once again to our hotel and offer you our warmest smile and Greek hospitality.

Considering first, the health and safety of our guests and staff, according to the guidelines of the  World Health Organization, the Greek Ministries of Health and Tourism, the local authorities and with the consultation of Cristal international standards we have implemented our internal Health and Safety protocol.

Below you will find all details we have taken care of, in order to provide you a very safe and healthy environment:

Hotel Staff

An infection control supervisor and coordinator has been established to ensure that the implementation of infection control requirements is achieved.

All staff members have been educated via seminars and received a certificate of prevention measures of any possible illness.

All staff members have been tested for Covid-19 before proceeding to their duties.

All staff members undergo personal temperature measuring in the beginning and at the end of their work hours.

All staff members are equipped with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves).

Public Areas

Social distancing rules are applied in all public areas including the lobby, to avoid overcrowding.

Increased cleaning and disinfection across all high-volume touchpoints and all exposed surfaces.

If it is feasible, please avoid the use of elevators. If necessary, it shall be used by one room at a time.

The use of protective facial mask in the elevators is mandatory.

Health stations placed throughout the hotel, including wipes and sanitizers.

Signage and information systems in different languages are in place to ensure that guests and staff are aware of the hygiene protocols.

Our guests are encouraged to use only their room’s WC and not public WCs.


E-check in procedures will be available via tablet or QR.

A medical kit will be available for the occurrence of an incident.

Room keys and cards will be sanitized and placed in a protective case.

We recommend our guests to use credit or debit cards for payment. We recommend bills, invoices and receipts to be sent by email.

Check-in time will be at 15.00 and check out time at 11.00 in order to secure proper room cleaning and disinfection.

Accommodation capacity will be monitored constantly.

Housekeeping and accommodation

Room cleaning will be carried out on the 3 rd day after guest’s arrival. Change of sheets, pillowcases
and towels will be changed at that time. Guests are advised to put their garbage in the white bag
and their dirty bed linen and towels in the green bag that they will find in their room and are kindly
asked to leave them outside their room door.
Rooms are being given to new guests after staying vacant for three days.
For safety reasons the bed linen and towels of the rooms are being laundered after 3 days.
Immaterial objects such as pillows, bed runners, pens, paper blocks, and envelopes will be removed
from all rooms.
Kettles have been removed from the rooms and are on request.

All furniture made of fabric will be disinfected with steam cleaners and disinfectants, while rooms will be ventilated after evacuation.

Maintenance and cleaning in rooms will be carried out only when guests are not in the room.

We are adhering to a strict cleaning and sanitization schedule using selected and certified products.

Public WCs will be frequently cleaned and sanitized.

Guests are kindly asked to leave the balcony door open on their departure day.

Restaurants & Bars

All our Food and Beverage outlets are strictly following the HACCP Protocol.

The Breakfast Buffet will be served only by the Buffet staff.

We will limit the number of guests in the breakfast by implementing seating times and entrance control to handle guest volume.

Tables set up is following social distancing guidelines.

High standards of food safety and hygiene, as well as strict personal hygiene policies for our team members, will be followed.

All restaurants surfaces and furniture will be disinfected after each service and the tables will be cleaned and disinfected after each sitting.

E- menu lists will be available upon arrival in restaurants and bars.

Room service will be available for guests preferring to dine in private.

Guests should be wearing a protective mask when entering the restaurants and bars.

The use of protective facial mask by the guests in the bars and restaurants is recommended.

Swimming pool

Disinfection of sunbeds will take place after each sitting.

Our sunbeds will be arranged in groups of two at 2m distance from each other.

Guests are asked to shower before entering the pool.

Towel use is mandatory.

1 person per 5 sq. meters ratio will be enforced at all time at the pool.

PH and chlorine levels will be monitored frequently.

Super Market

Social distancing rules will be applied.

Disinfection program for guests and employees will be daily provided.

A sneeze guard is installed at the cashier desk to protect staff and guests.

Guests should be wearing a protective mask when entering the supermarket.

The use of protective facial mask by the guests in the supermarket is mandatory.

Air conditioning and space ventilation

In the rooms and indoor public areas, doors are opened in order to allow natural ventilation.

All air conditions in the rooms are safe to operate according to the latest legislation rules.